Sep 14, 2012

M-Stocks for iOS: Backup & Sync

Hi, all

Today, I am pleased to announce one more update of M-Stocks for iOS. This is a very interesting update, because it was focused on a common request by our users: data backup. Our users were concerned on keeping their data safe, so we decided to focus on it in this new update.
M-Stocks for iOS v2.1 introduces a data backup feature which works integrated to Dropbox. It means your data will be saved in a specific folder in your Dropbox account. It is important to point out that M-Stocks does not have access to all your files in your account, but just a specific folder (i.e. "/Apps/M-Stocks") dedicated to the app.

For those who do not have a Dropbox account, you can get one for free here.

To enable data backup in M-Stocks, you just need to connect the app to your account by signing in to Dropbox. From this point on, the backup will be performed in background or when you manually request it.

Besides the backup feature, we decided implement one more thing: Data Sync*. It works together with backup, but it enables the possibility to share the same data among other devices. It means that once you connect M-Stocks to your Dropbox account from all your devices, their data will be synced. For instance, when you add a new portfolio in your iPhone, it will also be available automatically in your iPad and/or iPod Touch.

M-Stocks backups and syncs Markets, Stocks, Currencies, Portfolio and Quotes Attributes.

In this update you will also find some bug fixes and other minor improvements.

I hope everybody enjoy this update and thanks for the reviews and feedbacks. They are very important for us.

See you in the next post...

*In-App Purchase feature.

M-Stocks App - Ernandes Mourao Junior

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