Jan 25, 2013

Let's sell some stocks

Hi, all

We would like to announce that M-Stocks v2.2.0 has been released on the Apple Store. This update is focused mainly on the Portfolio Manager, which brings important features requested by our users for a long time: Selling of shares.

This new feature consists of a selling simulation of your portfolios's shares. In the portfolio, you input the number of shares you want to sell, sell price and date. Once the operation is done, that number of shares will be subtracted and shifted from your Invested portfolio to a new portfolio's area we name Realized. So, for all your portfolios you will also be able to track the performace of your invested and realized stocks. Cool, huh?!

Continuing with the Portfolio, we have also added a new field named Brokerage Fee, which is a fix fee charged by the brokers to perform buy/sell operations. This is another very requested feature from our users. In addition, we have also improved the usability of all Portfolio's screens. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it!

Following with the news in this update, we have also added new ways of sharing quotes and charts. Besides Facebook, now you can also share via Twitter, E-mail and Message (SMS or iMessage).

You will also find new indexies available in the Markets screen, such as PSEI (Philippine), ISEQ (Ireland), TSX (Canada) and SSE (Chile). On the other hand, IBEX (Spain) has been removed, because our data provider is no longer supporting it.

In terms of currencies, we have added Philippine and Peru Peso.

Besides all these news mentioned above, you will find the app pretty much stable now, since we have fixed an annoying bug that was crashing the app.

We hope everybody enjoy this update as much as we do, and we look forward for the next one. Stay tuned.

See you in the next post...

M-Stocks App - Ernandes Mourao Junior

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