Jul 26, 2013

Share-in: Easily share photos taken at your check-ins.

Hi, all

We are pleased to announce that this week we released another app for iOS, called Share-in.

Share-in displays photos taken by the camera of your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad during your check-ins on Foursquare, grouped by check-in. Along with the photos, is also displayed all your friends who were with you at that location. This information, in turn, make it easier the sharing of photos, once you know beforehand which of your friends were there with you.

Photos can be shared via Email, Message, Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, photos can be stored in your Dropbox account, rather than attached to an email, for example. The advantages of using Dropbox are sharing speed and space saving, since only a link to the photos will be sent to your friends. This link, in turn, points to a beautiful photo gallery, where your friends can browse through or even download them.

Besides the way of sending, you can also set the size of photos to be shared. It is worth mentioning that larger the size, more detail the photo will have. However, larger will be the size of your file, which could impact on your sending time, depending on the speed of Internet connection used.

Share-in is now available on the App Store for free.

Hope everybody enjoy it!

See you in the next post...

Share-in - Ernandes Mourao Junior

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