Jul 26, 2013

Share-in: Easily share photos taken at your check-ins.

Hi, all

We are pleased to announce that this week we released another app for iOS, called Share-in.

Share-in displays photos taken by the camera of your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad during your check-ins on Foursquare, grouped by check-in. Along with the photos, is also displayed all your friends who were with you at that location. This information, in turn, make it easier the sharing of photos, once you know beforehand which of your friends were there with you.

Photos can be shared via Email, Message, Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, photos can be stored in your Dropbox account, rather than attached to an email, for example. The advantages of using Dropbox are sharing speed and space saving, since only a link to the photos will be sent to your friends. This link, in turn, points to a beautiful photo gallery, where your friends can browse through or even download them.

Besides the way of sending, you can also set the size of photos to be shared. It is worth mentioning that larger the size, more detail the photo will have. However, larger will be the size of your file, which could impact on your sending time, depending on the speed of Internet connection used.

Share-in is now available on the App Store for free.

Hope everybody enjoy it!

See you in the next post...

Share-in - Ernandes Mourao Junior

May 7, 2013

ChiRunning: Run faster, easier, and injury-free

Hi, all

It is a huge pleasure for us at eMob Tech to announce ChiRunning app. This app was developed for ChiRunning in partnership with Hand Eye Tech.

Thanks, ChiRunning and Hand Eye Tech for the trust and the opportunity to be part of this amazing project.

ChiRunning app aims to help you run faster, easier, and injury-free. Created by ChiRunning founder, Danny Dreyer, this app is feature-laden with Chi Running video lessons, audio coaching, guided runs, and a built in metronome - tools for you to always run your best.

Some features available:
  • 18 video lessons of the key Chi Running focuses
  • A unique Guided Run feature - Chi Run audio focuses prompt you as you run
  • Pick which of the 23 Chi Run Focuses you want to practice and choose from 5 selectable time intervals
  • 4 different Guided Runs to choose from: Tempo, Intervals, Long Slow Distance (LSD), and Custom
  • Built in metronome with two beat sounds
  • Running history with daily run data: distance, pace, elevation gain, calories burned
  • Weekly mileage totals displayed and stored
  • Video and audio reminders of 8 pre-run Body Looseners and 6 Post-run stretches
  • Share your runs on Facebook and Twitter
  • Export your runs to Map My Run
You can download now ChiRunning app on the Apple's App Store.

See you in the next post...

ChiRunning - ChiRunning

Jan 25, 2013

Let's sell some stocks

Hi, all

We would like to announce that M-Stocks v2.2.0 has been released on the Apple Store. This update is focused mainly on the Portfolio Manager, which brings important features requested by our users for a long time: Selling of shares.

This new feature consists of a selling simulation of your portfolios's shares. In the portfolio, you input the number of shares you want to sell, sell price and date. Once the operation is done, that number of shares will be subtracted and shifted from your Invested portfolio to a new portfolio's area we name Realized. So, for all your portfolios you will also be able to track the performace of your invested and realized stocks. Cool, huh?!

Continuing with the Portfolio, we have also added a new field named Brokerage Fee, which is a fix fee charged by the brokers to perform buy/sell operations. This is another very requested feature from our users. In addition, we have also improved the usability of all Portfolio's screens. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it!

Following with the news in this update, we have also added new ways of sharing quotes and charts. Besides Facebook, now you can also share via Twitter, E-mail and Message (SMS or iMessage).

You will also find new indexies available in the Markets screen, such as PSEI (Philippine), ISEQ (Ireland), TSX (Canada) and SSE (Chile). On the other hand, IBEX (Spain) has been removed, because our data provider is no longer supporting it.

In terms of currencies, we have added Philippine and Peru Peso.

Besides all these news mentioned above, you will find the app pretty much stable now, since we have fixed an annoying bug that was crashing the app.

We hope everybody enjoy this update as much as we do, and we look forward for the next one. Stay tuned.

See you in the next post...

M-Stocks App - Ernandes Mourao Junior

Nov 29, 2012

Now with Instagram

Hi, all

Yesterday, we released a new version (1.2.0) of our app for Marillion's fans: marillion. As usual in our updates, this new version comes with great new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The most important news in this update is an integration into the most famous photo-sharing social network: Instagram. Now, the fans will follow and view all photos about Marillion that are shared in the social network. Besides displaying the photos, case the fan has Intagram app installed, he/she will be able to start Instagram's camera or view a photo in the app itself. Cool, huh?

Other great feature available in this update is Top Songs. It is a ranking that displays the songs the fans like and love the most. The ranking's order is based on the fans' feeback throught the like and love options available for each song. Is your favorite song not in Top Songs? Go forward and like/love it!

We hope all of you enjoy this update as we do.

See you in the next post...

Marillion (Unofficial app) - Ernandes Mourao Junior

Nov 22, 2012

First iPad app

Hi, all

Yesterday was a great day for us at eMob Tech: we have finally released our first iPad app.

It was a great challenge to turn our financial app, M-Stocks, into an universal app, which is now adapted to run on the 9.7" display of the iPad, taking advantage of all extra pixels available.

We say it was a challenge, because is not easy to rearrange an interface designed to a smaller screen (3.5 or 4" from the iPhone), to a bigger one, where there are more space available, offering an opportunity to provide more information to the user. In addition, using an app on the iPad is a complete different experience in terms of usability.

We hope everebody enjoy this update as we do. M-Stocks is now live on the App Store and for free.

Have fun!

See you in the next post...

M-Stocks App - Ernandes Mourao Junior

Oct 23, 2012

Ready for iPhone 5

Hi, all

After Apple's event last month, where they announced the release of iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5, we have had much work at eMob Tech. A new operating system and screen size (4") of the iPhone demanded to developers an extra effort to get their apps ready to run on these new enviroments.

During this month of October, we worked hard to update our apps as quick as possible. And we made it! Both M-Stocks and Marillion apps now support iOS 6 and the 4" display of the iPhone 5.

They look cool on the larger screen, by the way.

Fortunately, the work to adapt to the new screen size was not that big, since our apps are pretty much based on UIKit, so the autosizing maks worked preatty well for this matter. On the other hand, there were some annoying bugs on iOS 6 that were hard to fix. But in the end, everything worked properly.

We hope you guys enjoy the updates.

See you in the next post...

Sep 14, 2012

M-Stocks for iOS: Backup & Sync

Hi, all

Today, I am pleased to announce one more update of M-Stocks for iOS. This is a very interesting update, because it was focused on a common request by our users: data backup. Our users were concerned on keeping their data safe, so we decided to focus on it in this new update.
M-Stocks for iOS v2.1 introduces a data backup feature which works integrated to Dropbox. It means your data will be saved in a specific folder in your Dropbox account. It is important to point out that M-Stocks does not have access to all your files in your account, but just a specific folder (i.e. "/Apps/M-Stocks") dedicated to the app.

For those who do not have a Dropbox account, you can get one for free here.

To enable data backup in M-Stocks, you just need to connect the app to your account by signing in to Dropbox. From this point on, the backup will be performed in background or when you manually request it.

Besides the backup feature, we decided implement one more thing: Data Sync*. It works together with backup, but it enables the possibility to share the same data among other devices. It means that once you connect M-Stocks to your Dropbox account from all your devices, their data will be synced. For instance, when you add a new portfolio in your iPhone, it will also be available automatically in your iPad and/or iPod Touch.

M-Stocks backups and syncs Markets, Stocks, Currencies, Portfolio and Quotes Attributes.

In this update you will also find some bug fixes and other minor improvements.

I hope everybody enjoy this update and thanks for the reviews and feedbacks. They are very important for us.

See you in the next post...

*In-App Purchase feature.

M-Stocks App - Ernandes Mourao Junior